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We at Pioneer Road Construction and Infrastructure believe that our most valuable resource is our people and their safety is our main concern at all levels of management and we make every effort to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for our employees, subcontractors, clients, their employees and everyone that visits our job sites.

Safety is our focus and we do not compromise when it comes to our people safety, we strive to continually improve and each year our goal is to achieve zero recordable accidents. We want everyone on our sites to go home each day the same way they arrived. We know this goal is ambitious, but we’re an ambitious company, we believe there is no room for anything less than total safety when it comes to our jobs.

To ensure that safety is always our top priority we have designed a safety incentives program based on hours worked without a recordable injury, this program encourages everyone to take responsibility for safety on a daily basis.

To ensure a safe workplace we have to implement a few key factors:

  • All our management, site supervisors and office personal must participate in our in-house training sessions to make sure that they are aware of the latest safety techniques.
  • Each of our job sites are inspected and monitor for the duration of the project to ensure that any potential safety hazard is identified and if any safety measures need to be implemented.
  • We have weekly safety visits by our safety committee to all the job sites and we expect individual accountability by empowering the site supervisors of each job site to manage any safety issues.

Safety is a core value and is an integral part of our company’s culture and we believe that the
quality assurance / quality control process is integral to our way of doing business.


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